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The sound of a lone trumpet rises above the adventurous groove of an acoustic piano, double bass and drums. Well-chosen and exiting notes, played with impeccable timing. Swingin, openminded, melodic, full of freedom, in the tradition but also in the moment with awareness of latest musical developments.  Those are the mesmerizing sounds of trumpet player EDUARDO BLANCO (1976).


Blanco received his musical education all over the world, and each experience throughout the years is reflected in his own style – an intricate, atmospheric, deeply personal interpretation of jazz from all ages. His journeys around the world provided him with ever-changing careers that clearly show his great versatility – from playing gigs every night in the lively music scene in Barcelona, Spain, to studying jazz for two years at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, or jamming with jazz greats at vibrant clubs deep in the heart of Amsterdam. 
His versatility is further demonstrated by his sessions with salsa legend Pete ‘El Conde’ Rodriguez and big band DVD recordings in Barcelona’s premier concert hall Palau de la Musica. But his focus remains, as it always has, on his true love: performing jazz with a strong feeling for the rich tradition but also with a contemporary approach. He wants to perform it with the best jazz musicians available. As a tribute to his musical heroes and because of a heartfelt passion for the rich and always inspiring jazz history. 
After teaching at Barcelona’s famous Taller de Musics music school for six years he returned to Holland permanently. Since then he has quickly become an in-demand session player and a respected bandleader with his own quartet.
Eduardo Blanco is available with the International Quartet, a group with famous bass player Jean Louis Rassinfosse, the talented Dirk Balthaus on piano and the ultimate drummer René de Hilster.  A rare opportunity for jazz lovers to experience pure real jazz music played straight from the heart.  The Quartet is aware that jazz is the sound of surprise and they live up to that. Every concert is different. During the concert, the International Quartet takes their listeners on a journey along the breathtaking jazz landscapes. Adventurous, energetic, compelling, with a great storytelling, dynamic and always with a huge groove and total commitment.


Eduardo Blanco is also available for bookings with various other line-ups. Feel free to contact us – we will gladly discuss availability and possibilities to create a memorable concert experience for your jazz club, festival or event.

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