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Childhood memories is the first Cd recorded by the Eduardo Blanco International Quartet. Childhood Memories pictures the musical life of Eduardo Blanco in seven tunes consisting of five original compositions by Eduardo and two standards.


About the Quartet:

Every musician has his dreams.  A lot of those dreams are about having all harmonic and instrumental skills or playing with famous musicians that often are our great heroes.  When a musician gets matured, a good sound is a thing we dream of and that will get more important through the years. With bringing the International Quartet together Eduardo Blanco makes some of his dreams come through! Says Eduardo:  “For me, a good jazz band plays with intensity but without the use of excessive volume, has a proper use of dynamics, shows respect for the rich jazz tradition and performs with a high sense of groove.  This quartet has that all and adds a fresh approach on top of that. For me, this is a dream band”.


The CD can be purchased at Jazzcenter In the Hague or Concerto in Amsterdam. Childhood Memories is also available at all major download shops like iTunes, Amazon and EMusic or can be streamed with Spotify.



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